Students’ reliance on Wi-Fi multiplies

A group of leading research universities recently teamed up with their local communities to create the University Community Next Generation Innovation Project (Gig.U). Gig.U is designed to encourage Americans to develop innovative high-speed network services and applications, and strengthen the United States’ global ed-tech impact.

Participating universities benefit from their involvement in Gig.U. Michigan State University (MSU), for example, now has ultra-high-speed internet provided by Spartan-Net, in partnership with DTN Management Co. MSU’s Wi-Fi service has recently expanded to areas surrounding campus where demand is highest, including Lansing and East Lansing.

Another Gig.U partner, Stanford University, has benefited by gaining free access to the ultra-high-speed Google Fiber network for its students and faculty members.  Stanford has also increased its Wi-Fi service to its residential subdivision of campus, which includes roughly 850 homes.

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