New study explores ResNet trends, challenges

Interestingly, the survey revealed that only 40 percent of campuses have a strategic plan for future ResNet growth. Fourteen percent of respondents were unsure whether their colleges had a current ResNet plan in place.

Twenty-two percent of respondents said they have outsourced or considered outsourcing portions of their college’s ResNet.

“Residential cable is the service most frequently considered for outsourcing by business officers, followed by phone and internet service,” according to the ACUTA press release. “The student help desk is likely to be considered for outsourcing by business officers.”

The study revealed that many colleges are struggling to maintain their familiar legacy infrastructure while advancing with new technologies. Colleges are often forced to increase internet bandwidth and ResNet speeds to accommodate the expansive number of applications and streaming services that students want.

Another costly concern is around-the-clock support; the survey reports that 88 percent of respondents do not provide constant ResNet support.

Read the full ACUTA/NACUBO “State of ResNet” report here.

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