On-demand video enriches student, faculty engagement

More than 30,000 hours’ worth of Babson’s on-demand video presentations were viewed last year.

In an age when “bring your own device” initiatives are  booming and flipped learning is gaining steam, many colleges believe that video is an ideal medium for delivering academic content.

Last year, Babson College students and faculty reportedly watched 30,000 hours of Brainshark on-demand video presentations outside of the classroom—a staggering number with numerous implications for the future of higher-education technology.

Looking to reduce costs, Babson initially enlisted Brainshark to inspire students and faculty members to create their own content more efficiently, instead of having to book time in an expensive recording studio. Brainshark’s cloud-based technology allows students and professors to add vocal commentary to PowerPoint presentations.

“The [idea that] everything is very modular, each slide is its own living, breathing mini-piece—that was very appealing to us,” said Eric Palson, director of instructional technologies at Babson College.

Palson said that Babson was attracted to Brainshark videos because they will “stand the test of time,” and “you don’t have to re-create the presentations all the time.” If a professor wanted to update his content every semester, he could tweak a slide or two, instead of having to start from scratch.

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