On-demand video enriches student, faculty engagement

“The interactivity is unique, most video content is sent as a single stream, whereas our video content you can jump around, view speaker notes, take a quiz, answer a poll or survey question, click through from a link to a presentation out to a different video experience,” said Zimmerman.

Paula Crerar, senior director of content and product marketing at Brainshark, said that Babson and other colleges are using the on-demand video presentations for faculty relations as well. If a college needed to alert its staff about a benefits package, for example, Crerar said that it could gain powerful insight from sending a virtual Brainshark eMail instead of a traditional one. Not only would Brainshark’s heightened graphics and video help staff to absorb the information better, but the college would additionally be able to track which staff members viewed the eMail.

For Babson College, finding ways to achieve higher success rates with blended learning was another priority. For more than 10 years, Babson has been home to one entirely blended, fast-track MBA program geared toward executives. Palson said that Brainshark has helped elevate the program and provide a more interactive, seamless experience for fast-track MBA students.

In the past, “we’ve had various degrees of interactive content,” said Palson. “[We had] talking PowerPoints early on and evolved that into much more interactive, and when we’re doing it right, very engaging content.”

Since the initial pilot program nearly two years ago, Babson College is using Brainshark not only to streamline communications to prospective students and faculty members, but also in library and IT training. Today, Babson professors commonly ask their students to create on-demand videos for class presentations, and 1,100 Brainshark presentations were created across Babson College in last year alone.

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