“We are pleased to continue our support for the significant Roadmap Project,” said Dennis White, president and CEO of MetLife Foundation. “This ambitious, collaborative work led by the AAC&U is important for the participating colleges, the success of their students, and for all of higher education.”


Two years ago, 12 community colleges worked within the project to develop integrated institutional models to enhance student success. Through collaborative efforts, these colleges are benefiting from their experiences to create a feasible roadmap to success for all community college students.

The original Roadmap community colleges are:

The AAC&U website outlines many of these institutions’ contributions to the Roadmap Project, and includes their plans for the future.

One such example is Gainesville State College in Oakwood, Ga., which defines a successful student as “a self-motivated learner who uses knowledge effectively to solve real world problems” in its “Get HIP!” (high-impact practices) plan. High-impact practices are defined as activities that deepen student learning and engagement, raise levels of performance, retention and success for all students, are intellectually engaging, and incorporate effective educational practices.

“As a set of purposeful learning experiences, HIPs have the potential to lead students to the knowledge, abilities, and habits of mind that are essential for life and livelihood in the 21st century global society,” the HIP manual explains.

The college divided high-impact experiences into three platforms: undergraduate research, diversity and global learning, and service learning. Students are encouraged to take advantage of internship and capstone-course projects at the senior level, and community-based service at the freshman level.