Pathbrite Introduces Pathbrite Portfolios for Educators at the HigherEdTECH Summit

Pathbrite Also Partners with Pearson to Integrate with Pearson LearningStudio

Las Vegas, NV – January 8, 2013 – Pathbrite announced today the introduction of a new education technology solution aimed at changing the way students learn and are evaluated. The new solution, Pathbrite Portfolios for Educators, enables professors and teachers to create effective experiential learning environments where students produce and present evidence of knowledge gained that is tied to specific learning objectives. Pathbrite Portfolios also offer a way to improve career placement rates by enabling students to better showcase their qualifications, experience and academic achievements to recruiters and employers.

At the HigherEdTECH Summit co-located with the International CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Heather Hiles, founder and CEO of Pathbrite, will speak on a panel entitled “The High Tech Backpack” on Thursday, January 10, 2013 beginning at 1:15 p.m. PST in the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall N256.

Pathbrite also announced a new agreement to integrate its education portfolio platform with Pearson LearningStudio, a personalized learning environment built on the most advanced, scalable and dependable SaaS learning platform available today, serving more than 9 million students each year. Pearson will now provide seamless integration and access to the Pathbrite Education Portfolio Platform for both students and educators.

“Demand for effective, affordable education portfolio solutions that fully leverage contemporary technologies is growing,” said Dan Bartell, Vice President Sales, Integrated Solutions, Pearson Learning Solutions. “By integrating Pathbrite’s next-generation Portfolios with our market-leading online learning platforms, we can offer more complete solutions that promise new ways to learn; new methods to demonstrate knowledge and evaluate learning outcomes, and positively impact career placement rates for students.”

Pathbrite’s Portfolios for Educators offers an easy-to-use and intuitive way for teachers and students to go beyond the bubble test to more effectively evaluate student performance and learning, including:

• Customizable class-based portfolio templates, measures, mentoring and more;

• A proven process of student self-reflection and evaluation;

• Secure, cloud-based and portable Portfolios accessible via desktop, laptop, tablets or smart phones;

• Unlimited storage of artifacts and media in the cloud providing both students and educators easy, lifetime access to evidence of learning outcomes, credentials and accomplishments; and

• Next-generation technology for blended-learning.

“Our mission at Pathbrite is to revolutionize learning and assessment, to help both educators and their students to be active participants in the creation of a more personalized educational experience that is tied to specific learning objectives, and to improve career placement rates for students,” said Hiles. “The combination of our new Portfolios for Educators offering and our integration with Pearson LearningStudio will mean we’re able to achieve our mission on a scale we once only dreamed of.”

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