Dr. Tererai Trent, Founder of Tinogona, to Speak at Walden University Winter Commencement

Dr. Tererai Trent, Founder of Tinogona, to Speak at Walden University Winter Commencement
Inspirational voice for empowerment, education and change will address graduates and guests Jan. 19 in Miami

Minneapolis—December 18, 2012—Dr. Tererai Trent, scholar, motivator and global humanitarian, will be the keynote speaker at Walden University’s 49th Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, at 1:30 p.m. at the James L. Knight Center at the Hyatt Regency Miami. A well-known inspirational speaker and founder of the nonprofit organization Tinogona, Dr. Trent has dedicated her life to bringing educational opportunities to people around the world.

“Dr. Trent’s moving story of creating positive social change has touched millions. It is truly an honor to have Dr. Trent share her experiences and offer words of inspiration as we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates with their families at our 49th Commencement,” said Dr. Cynthia G. Baum, president of Walden.

As a child growing up in a cattle-herding family in rural Zimbabwe, Dr. Trent dreamed of getting an education. Married young, and the mother of three by age 18, she was bound to a husband who beat her when she expressed her desire to learn. But Dr. Trent was undeterred. She confided her dreams to Jo Luck, a woman in her village who worked with the organization Heifer International. Luck inspired Dr. Trent with the words, “If you desire those things, [they are] achievable.”

Despite facing incredible odds and many obstacles, Dr. Trent went on to earn her bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate in the United States. Now, through her nonprofit organization, Tinogona, which means “it is achievable” in her native language, she is working to realize her new dream of creating educational opportunities for girls and women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Trent has twice appeared as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she reached millions with her powerful messages on the importance of education, women’s empowerment and never giving up on your dreams. Winfrey chose Dr. Trent as her “all-time favorite guest.” She has also been featured in Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, a New York Times best-seller written by columnist Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.
The 2013 winter commencement ceremony and Dr. Trent’s address can be viewed live via webcast at www.WaldenU.edu.

About Walden University
For more than 40 years, Walden University has supported working professionals in achieving their academic goals and making a greater impact in their professions and their communities. Today, more than 46,500 students from all 50 states and more than 145 countries are pursuing their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees online at Walden. The university provides students with an engaging educational experience that connects them with expert faculty and peers around the world. Walden is the flagship online university in the Laureate International Universities network—a global network of more than 60 campus-based and online universities in 29 countries.

Walden offers more than 75 degree programs with more than 345 specializations and concentrations. Areas of study include health sciences, counseling, human services, management, psychology, education, public health, nursing, public administration and information technology. For more information, visit www.WaldenU.edu. Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association, www.ncahlc.org.


edWeb.net Wins EduBlog Award for ‘Best Free and Open Professional Development for Educators’ in 2012

Princeton, NJ – December 19, 2012 – edWeb.net, a professional social and learning network for the education community, has received the 2012 Edublog Award for ‘Best Free and Open Professional Development for Educators.’

The highly acclaimed Edublog Awards are a community-based, educator initiative that began in 2004 with a mission to help educators, schools, districts and institutions tap into quality blogs and PD sites for information sharing.

Now in its 9th year, Edublog evaluates all types of social media to responsibly support educators in the delivery of 21st century instruction within different contexts and strategies to meet a wide range of learners’ needs. Award categories include: best individual blog, teacher, class, librarian and administrator blogs; best web tools, Twitter hashtags, podcasts, wikis, mobile apps; and a lifetime achievement blog.

Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO of edWeb.net said, “Early on, we held a strong belief that social networks could become a significant platform to serve the professional development needs of educators. Today, our platform helps educators learn about quality tools, connect with like-minded educators and improve the teaching and learning process. We are honored to win the Edublog award along with so many talented and innovative colleagues.”

Recent research, A 2012 Survey of K-12 Educators on Social Networking, Online Communities, and Web 2.0 Tools, sponsored by edWeb.net, demonstrates that 82% of K-12 educators have joined a social network this year and use Web 2.0 tools; a growth of 34% since 2009.

“Quality PD resources in social media can help educators move forward faster and smarter to evolve their practices and improve overall student achievement.” adds Schmucki.

Ms. Schmucki founded edWeb.net in 2008. The service began hosting professional learning communities in 2010 with free webinars on key education topics as a model to demonstrate how social networks could be used for technology-enabled collaboration. edWeb provides CE certificates for educators who view their PD webinars. This has been an especially valued part of the program.

growing schools cover The first community, “Emerging Technology for School Librarians,” was created with Michelle Luhtala, head librarian at New Canaan High School, and the winner of the 2010 National School Library Program of the Year Award. In 2012, Lisa Schmucki and Michelle Luhtala worked together to create a new model for free and open PD. Their work is published in a new book, “Growing Schools: Librarians as Professional Developers.”

Based on these successes, edWeb.net offers today more than 15 free and open PD programs on topics including game-based learning, mobile learning, Common Core Standards, the brain and learning, digital media, teaching students with autism, and leadership skills. Educators comment all the time how much they love these programs. Janie Hizer from Park Tudor School in Indianapolis commented last week, “I Love EdWeb.net! Best free PD ever!”

edWeb PD programs are supported by sponsors and partners including AT&T, BrainPOP, CoSN, Follett Software Company, Eden Autism Services, ePals, ETA hand2mind, Library Media Connection, NASSP, NAESP, SIIA, and more.

For more information, contact:

Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO, edWeb.net – lisa@edweb.net, 800-575-6015 ext. 100

About edWeb.net

edWeb.net is a free professional social and learning network for the education community that makes it easy to connect and collaborate with colleagues, share information and best practices, and create professional learning communities. edWeb promotes online collaboration with easy-to-use Web 2.0 tools that can transform the way educators share information and receive professional development. The site sponsors professional learning communities with free webinars on key topics in education. Through a partnership with MCH Strategic Data, edWeb reaches 3.5 million educators to promote the value of online professional learning networks and to encourage all educators to become “connected educators.” For information contact Lisa Schmucki at 908-407-2755 or at lisa@edweb.net. Follow edWeb on Twitter @edwebnet.



IAU College of Medicine, in West Indies, selects disruptive CAMS Enterprise ERP to manage campus

St. Louis — December 19, 2012 — International American University College of Medicine has selected CAMS® Enterprise, the flagship disruptive ERP solution from Three Rivers Systems Inc. as its new academic enterprise resource planning system to manage its entire student lifecycle. A disruptive technology is an innovation creating a new market and value network to “disrupt” an existing market by displacing earlier technology.

IAU College of Medicine is a private medical school located in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, West Indies in the Caribbean. IAU graduates earn a Doctor of Medicine degree.

IAU offers a state-of-the-art curriculum in medical education, using the latest technology and teaching methods based on the U.S. model and is delivered via small classes by a team of expert faculty working closely and personally with students. Through numerous collaborations with health-care organizations, academic medical institutions and other key stakeholders, IAU has played a major role in the development of the health-and-education infrastructure in St. Lucia, providing training and education for hundreds of health-care professionals and students around the world.

IAU previously relied on an amalgam of systems and manual processes to manage its student lifecycle.

According to Dr. Mark Slivkoff, Ph.D., IAU’s dean of academic affairs, this patchwork created significant challenges. “We had a serious lack of integration between system modules and had to rely on manual entry of application information,” he said. Add to that a lack of reporting and no financial-aid functionality plus an inability to process online payments, and it was clear they needed a change.

“We didn’t have any electronic document management or student or faculty portals; and managing clinical rotations was also a major headache,” he added. Dr. Slivkoff said the IAU selection committee was impressed by CAMS Enterprise’s overall ease of use; strong registration and degree-audit modules; and critically important, its ability to support the college’s clinical rotations.

In selecting CAMS Enterprise over Empower Software Solutions and eCampuslynx, IAU also cited Three Rivers Systems’ cloud offering as a plus. As many other clients report, the SaaS — or software as a service — model helps improve cash flow and the service is booked as an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure.

CAMS Enterprise is a unique solution for higher education. Totally browser-based and designed from the ground up to leverage the Web, it is unlike older conventional systems that use the Internet as an afterthought. CAMS is fully optimized for mobile apps, so students and faculty alike can interact with their institutions around the clock from mobile devices on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Founded in 2003, International American University College of Medicine is located in the heart of the Caribbean Islands in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, West Indies. The university is chartered and authorized by the government of St Lucia to confer various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees including the Doctor of Medicine degree. IAUCOM offers a state-of-the-art curriculum in medical education, using the latest technology and teaching methods based on the U.S. model and delivered by a team of expert faculty. Through collaborations with health care organizations, academic medical institutions and other key stakeholders, IAUCOM has played a major role in the development of the health-and-education infrastructure in St. Lucia and has provided training and education for hundreds of health-care professionals and students around the world. IAU College of Medicine is chartered and licensed in Saint Lucia. The university is listed in the FAIMER International Medical Education Directory and in the AVICENNA Directory for medicine.

About CAMS Enterprise
CAMS Enterprise’s disruptive technology makes it a fundamentally different academic ERP unlike all others that were designed for the past and are incapable of operating efficiently in the modern world. CAMS Enterprise is an easy-to-use and implement, totally integrated, Web-native management system with everything in one place — admissions; student information; financial aid; student services; fiscal management with HR and payroll; fund-raising; alumni relations; document management, learning management, a full suite of portals, and more for managing the entire student life cycle. With an out-of-the-box configuration and self-service customization, CAMS Enterprise removes all barriers to success seen with conventional systems. CAMS’ affordable licensing, off-the-shelf configuration and easy implementation translate into the lowest total cost of ownership of any academic ERP while yielding the quickest and highest ROI.

About Three Rivers Systems Inc.
Three Rivers Systems Inc. is the only privately held, independent, debt-free, one-stop company focused solely on high-quality academic ERP solutions exclusively for higher education. For more than 25 years from its St. Louis headquarters, the company is keenly focused on innovation and service to its worldwide customers. Always innovating, the company invests significant revenues back into product R&D to improve existing products while developing new ones so users always get the exact functionality, industry experience and accurate project management they need. Its business model and products are designed to ensure institutional effectiveness, more-efficient business processes, student success and satisfaction.

Contact: Ron Kalb, Three Rivers Systems Inc., Director of Communications, 636-779-1518 (office), 702-498-8916 (cell), ronk@threerivers-cams.com


New college application questions encourage creative thinking

“So where is Waldo, really?” That’s not the kind of question most high school seniors expect to find on their college admission applications. But it is one of the essay options that applicants to the University of Chicago face this year in their quest for a coveted freshman berth, the Los Angeles Times reports. It is the kind of mind-stretching, offbeat or downright freaky essay question that is becoming more common these days as colleges and universities seek to pierce the fog of students’ traditional self-aggrandizing essays detailing their accomplishments and hardships…

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High schools go high-tech, offer associate degrees to make sure students are job- and college-ready

Career and technical education has come a long way from the welding and plumbing of a generation ago, the New York Daily News reports. At the cutting edge of preparing kids for the competitive work world of the 21st century is a new type of public high school where kids are mastering high-tech skills but also studying a rigorous academic program.  Five years after entering City Polytechnic High School of Engineering, Architecture and Technology in Brooklyn, students can earn not just a high school diploma but an associate degree from City University of New York…

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Taking tech out of education: Do learning centers need data centers?

Technology is changing the experience in the classroom and changing the very notion of the classroom itself, Forbes.com reports. But does that mean that educators need to run traditional data centers? Back in 2008, an Economist Intelligence Unit report on the impact of technology questioned senior academic leadership in universities around the world. Of those questioned 63 percent of thought that technology would have a major impact on teaching methodologies over the next five years…

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Panel: Teacher preparation needs overhaul

Reshaping teacher preparation courses can not only enhance student learning, but also keep the U.S. competitive globally, many experts agree.

Today’s digital-age students are expected not only to communicate effectively, think critically, and collaborate with one another, but also to analyze information while meeting rigorous state and national benchmarks.

To meet these challenges, teacher preparation programs must be reexamined and restructured in order to promote what digital learning consultant Mary Ann Wolf calls “learner-centered education.”

“Learner-centered education dramatically impacts the work of educators and educational systems, and schools must empower teachers to apply their pedagogical knowledge, instructional skills, and digital tools and resources to meet the needs of individual students,” Wolf wrote in a recent Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE) report.

Wolf said she believes a teacher must embody several roles to attain success: facilitator of learning; user of data and assessments; collaborator, contributor, and coach with peers; and curriculum adapter and designer.

Based on AEE’s research, Wolf said teacher preparation courses must address the teaching of specific curriculum content, while also aligning with school improvement priorities and goals. Creating a collaborative network of teachers through teacher preparation courses is especially critical, she added.

Barnett Berry, president and CEO of the Center for Teaching Quality and author of Teaching 2030, agreed.

“We need to have a teacher [preparation] system that fuses the resources of both universities and school districts,” Berry said in a recent AEE webinar. He said community-based organizations should be partners as well, because this will allow “the kind of seamless preparation [and] induction support of lifelong teachers” that is necessary.

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Sonic Foundry Seeking Nominations for the Ninth Annual Rich Media Impact Awards

Deadline to nominate is February 18, 2013, winners announced at UNLEASH 2013

MADISON, Wis. — December 18, 2012 — Sonic Foundry, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), the trusted market leader for video management and academic, enterprise and event webcasting, today announced its official call for nominations for the ninth annual Rich Media Impact Awards (RMIA), an honor that recognizes excellence in the practical and creative integration of Mediasite in business, education, health and government.

Between now and February 29 individuals can visit the Rich Media Impact Awards page to submit nominations for their award-worthy projects. Finalists will be notified on March 18, and winners will be announced at a special ceremony at UNLEASH 2013, the Mediasite User Conference, taking place April 28 – May 1 at the Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin.

All RMIA finalists in attendance at UNLEASH 2013 will have the chance to win an annual license of the Mediasite User-Generated Content Module during a drawing at the end of the conference. Sonic Foundry will also award two Video in Education Scholarships to promote academic excellence through video and provide an opportunity for students to reach their fullest potential through online, blended or distance learning. Two higher education institutions will each receive a $2500 scholarship to award to a student of their choice as well as an annual license of the Mediasite User-Generated Content Module for the institution’s use.

Sonic Foundry is inviting nominations for individuals or groups who have done inspiring work in any of the following categories:

• Outcomes Award: Recognizes an organization that uses rich media to quickly achieve a measurable ROI in its training, communications or outreach initiatives.

• Prolific Use Award: Recognizes an organization that has dramatically scaled its rich video program to achieve broad deployment across its enterprise, or a large number of presentations or presentation views.

• Rapid deployment: Recognizes an organization for fostering, advancing or accelerating the adoption of a rich media program.

• Innovation Award: Recognizes an organization for outstanding innovation and unique accomplishments in rich media including automation, room integration, online integration, content creation or pedagogy.

• Global reach: Recognizes any successful initiative that connects the international community through rich media.

• Video in Education Scholarship: Recognizes academic excellence in higher education through video and provides an opportunity for students to reach their full potential through online, blended or distance learning.

About Sonic Foundry®, Inc.
Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ: SOFO) is the trusted market leader for enterprise webcasting solutions, providing video content management and distribution for education, business and government. Powered by the patented Mediasite webcasting platform and webcast services of Mediasite Events, the company empowers people to advance how they share knowledge online, using video webcasts to bridge time and distance, enhance learning outcomes and improve performance.


Computers will taste, smell, and hear within five years, IBM predicts

As 2012 winds down, lots of people are looking back at the year in tech. But at IBM, researchers have released a list of trends to expect not only in 2013, but in the next five years, the Washington Post reports.

On Dec. 17, the company released its annual “5 in 5” report, which offers up predictions about what technology innovations will catch on in the next half-decade. This year, the report focuses on how computers will process information in the future, and IBM’s researchers say that nature’s gift of five senses won’t be reserved for just the living: Machines may actually be able to process things as humans do—through touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell…

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YouTube introduces Capture for easy recording and sharing

Google announced a new iOS app called YouTube Capture that lets users film and upload a video in as few as three clicks, reports CNET.

Users can post their videos simultaneously to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, or upload them privately. Advanced features let users perform color correction and stabilization, edit the video length, and even add music…

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