An initiative that will make it easier for teachers to find educational content online is nearing reality.

A major effort to help publishers tag educational content using a new specification could help instructors quickly find age-appropriate resources online.

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI), which is co-led by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) and Creative Commons, is an effort to tag educational content to make it easier to find in internet searches.

The first version of the LRMI specification was released in June, and publishers have been working on a proof-of-concept pilot project that involves tagging resources for middle school math. Now, phase two of the project—which expands the focus to include English and language arts—is beginning now. Teacher education programs could find the project useful as future educators are trained in how to use internet resources for effective instruction.

The LRMI spec will work with, a web metadata framework. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Bing announced the project last year, creating a universal framework for tagging web-based content to make internet searches faster and more accurate.