Campus Shift Launches Nationwide Textbook Marketplace For University Students

Campus Shift Launches Nationwide Textbook Marketplace For University Students
Students can now use Campus Shift to connect to other students to buy and sell textbooks and class notes in a secure, safe marketplace

San Francisco, CA; Palo Alto, CA; Youngstown, OH – Today, Campus Shift announced the launch of its Texbook Marketplace that will help students lower the cost of their education with a new way to buy and sell textbooks and ultimately lower student loan debt. Textbook costs are now the second highest cost for students, and they exceed the cost of tuition at some community colleges. WePay’s secure payments API will be used to process transactions for the Marketplace.

The Textbook Marketplace is on online community that can only be accessed by students. To use the Textbook Marketplace, students must create a free Campus Shift account using their “.edu” school email address. They can then post textbooks for sale, view listings for textbooks being sold nationwide, or search for class notes and study guides on their campus.

The Textbook Marketplace offers students unique features that cannot be found in any other textbook selling environment. First, every book sold in the Textbook Marketplace is priced using Campus Shift’s patent-pending Textbook Valuation tool. The Textbook Valuation tool eliminates the potential for students to over or under price their books, protecting both buyers and sellers. It uses a series of algorithms to calculate the value of the used textbook.

“There are a lot of ways for students to sell textbooks at the end of the term,” said Jeff Lorton, VP of Marketing at Campus Shift. “Unfortunately, most bookstore buy back services, used book buying websites, selling on Craigslist or Facebook return very little of the money that students pay for their books. Our marketplace helps both the buyer and seller easily connect on campus or between campuses to safely exchange or ship books to each other.”

Campus Shift also offers students financial safeguards in the textbook selling and buying market. When they register for Campus Shift, students also create a WePay account that securely transfers funds between a buyer and seller once they complete a textbook or a class notes sale.

If a student cannot find the book they are searching for from a student seller in the Textbook Marketplace, Campus Shift also offers a textbook search engine to help students find the best price from online vendors. Campus Shift’s Textbook Price Comparison Search functions just like you are searching for low airfare prices. Simply by typing in the author, ISBN or book title a student can find the lowest book price available. Campus Shift lists the lowest prices for a book new, used, the lowest rental rate and the lowest e-book price. The lowest price option for the book is highlighted above all the results so with one click students can select to purchase the book in the format they prefer.

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