A new road map for college CIOs

The first step to transforming the IT organization is developing a service-oriented culture within IT, the road map says.

According to a new report, colleges and universities are facing new market forces, such as online education and MOOCs, which challenge the traditional ways they recruit students, raise money, and deliver services—and the role of the college CIO is also changing, requiring a new road map to success.

The report, “Innovation and Transformation: Going beyond the social campus,” is sponsored by Enterasys Networks and co-authored by Michael Krigsman, CEO of the information technology consulting and research firm Asuret.

“The CIO today is at a crossroads,” says the report: “Embrace stakeholder participation in technology decisions, or risk becoming marginalized. This choice is difficult, because IT’s historical role as guardian of corporate assets requires tight control over computing resources, even though users have come to resent this cultural style.”

The report relates how, in response to the rising numbers of “empowered technology consumers,” which include students and faculty, CIOs in higher education have little choice but to change how they relate to users—and they must reconceive their role and lead IT to collaborate with users while supporting their institution’s plans and daily operations.