MOOC skepticism persists among university presidents

Millions of people signed up to take a free class from the top research universities and Ivy League schools in 2012, but some higher education leaders remain skeptical of these massive open online courses, the Huffington Post reports. MOOCs, as they’re known, have been around for a few years but really took off in 2012, as some of the most well-respected universities signed up to offer courses through several different startups. They were met by students from around the globe flocking to take the classes. edX, a non-profit MOOC operator from Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, saw 370,000 students enroll this fall, the New York Times reported. Coursera, a for-profit venture started by Stanford University professor Andrew Ng, has reached more than 1.7 million students. At least 150,000 people have signed up with Udacity, another for-profit with ties to Stanford. Other MOOC startups include Udemy and Marginal Revolution University

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