Carnegie Mellon Announces Professional Masters in Learning Science and Engineering

We are pleased to announce a new interdisciplinary professional masters program in Learning Science and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. We invite applicants for consideration in the fall 2013 inaugural class of students.

Taught by leaders in the fields of computer science, psychology, and design, this one year masters program is designed for individuals with a background in psychology, education, computer science, design, information technology, and business. Graduates will apply evidenced based learning science research to develop and evaluate programs in formal and informal educational settings including schools, workplaces, homes, museums and involving both face-to-face and online interactions.

Students who seek the knowledge, skills, and techniques will re-examine the goals of education and assessment and design the future of educational technology. Through case studies and practice on real world problems, students will learn to engineer and implement innovative and effective educational solutions employing “in vivo” experiments and educational data mining techniques. Students will be trained in how to develop continual improvement programs that reliably identify both best practices and opportunities for change. Students will gain depth in psychometric and educational data mining methods, interaction design, cognitive and social psychology principles, design, implementation, and evaluation of educational interventions among others. Graduates of the program will be ready to assume key positions in corporations and private and public universities and schools; they will become designers, developers, and evaluators of educational technologies and learning environments as well as domain experts, learning technology policy-makers, or Chief Learning Officers.

More information about this exciting new program and the application can be found at