Brown University, the University of Washington, and Arizona’s Scottsdale Community College are among the other colleges participating in the Canvas Network, which is now accepting student enrollment for the January 2013 launch. Course registration is open to anyone with internet access. Instructure predicts that this public enrollment option will attract more universities to the network, as it will allow educators to expand their institution’s profile worldwide.

“Hundreds of institutions already use Canvas to teach tens of thousands of courses,” said Josh Coates, CEO of Instructure. “Today we’re enabling the institutions to make these courses open to the public through the Canvas Network.”

Newly available courses include everything from “Art Appreciation” to “The Beauty and Utility of Mathematics” to “Business Ethics for the Real World,” and beyond. A course entitled “Gender Through Comic Books,” offered by Ball State University, will be facilitated by famed Spider-Man creator Stan Lee.

The Canvas Network includes a Public Course Index that catalogues all courses offered and highlights the institution, professor, and subject of each course. This introduces a wide-ranging marketing opportunity for all institutions associated with the Canvas Network, its creators say.

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