Status Solutions Adds Video Paging and Mapping Capabilities to Alerting Platform

Status Solutions Adds Video Paging and Mapping Capabilities to Alerting Platform

With the latest version of SARA’s eMessenger, mass notification to the desktop
can be enhanced with video pages and maps to improve overall emergency response

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., October 23, 2012 — Status Solutions today announced that it has incorporated video paging and mapping into SARA’s eMessenger, a component of its Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) automated alerting engine. With these new capabilities, alerts sent to PCs can include video pages with information about a triggering event along with corresponding video footage or details about a triggering event along with a facility map highlighting such information as where the exits are located.

SARA’s eMessenger is an advanced alerting capability that extends mass notification to the desktop, enabling emergency as well as non-emergency information to be delivered as browser-based, pop-up alerts to PC screens. These pop-up alerts may contain color-coded text, audio, video footage or maps and always show up in a window regardless of the application in use.

“SARA’s eMessenger underpins our all-screen strategy, which is the ability to drive situational awareness to virtually any screen – from PCs to smartphones, tablets and digital signage, including televisions and kiosks,” explains Kris Kuty, who leads solutions management for Status Solutions. “Future versions will support the operating systems that power all of these screens so that critical information about life safety, security and environmental monitoring goes to the people who need to respond. It all goes back to our mission of protecting people, property, business and convenience.”

Status Solutions will work with customers to establish their protocols for alerts going to PCs, including defining the triggering events and whether they initiate alerts with video footage or maps. With situational awareness expanded in this way, users will be able to see where fixed devices are in alarm and take the actions necessary to respond, especially in an emergency.

Examples of desktop alerting enabled by SARA’s eMessenger include:

• Fire alert with map showing where the exits are located
• Intruder/suspicious person alert with video page
• Tornado/inclement weather warning and safety instructions
• Emergency code broadcasting
• Help request and required response
• Environmental controls outside of set parameters or system failure
• Heat advisory, warning to limit outdoor activity
• Meeting/activity reminders with time and location

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Status Solutions provides situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. Our customized software solutions deliver real-time, detailed alerts about potential threats to life, property, business and convenience to help customers not only prevent ignorance-based loss but also transform the way they do business. With situational awareness, the right information gets to the right people on the right devices automatically for faster, more efficient communication especially in an emergency. Our innovations include the SARA automated alerting engine, the MIMI mobile health-monitoring system, and the CATIE multimedia and self-service application. For more information, please visit

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