Unicon Expands Identity and Access Management (IAM) Practice

Gilbert, AZ – October 22, 2012— Unicon, Inc., a leading IT consulting services provider specializing in open source for the education market, today announced the expansion of its Identity and Access Management (IAM) practice to include new service offerings and new team members. Unicon now provides services and support for Internet2’s Grouper, an open source group management toolkit enabling enterprise access management. Unicon has also added new team members to the practice, which is headed by Bill Thompson, IAM Director.

Unicon provides services and support for open source IAM technologies in the practice, including Central Authentication Service (CAS), Shibboleth, and Grouper. Jasig CAS provides Web single sign-on, and Internet2’s Shibboleth provides federated identity. The practice helps institutions solve IAM challenges with open source solutions. The three technologies complement each other, providing institutions with a holistic open source solution. Unicon can assess the current IAM landscape and develop a roadmap to meet the needs of the institution. Unicon’s team of experts has deep experience in CAS, Shibboleth, and Grouper. The team can leverage these technologies to create a secure IT infrastructure, meeting the needs of the institution. In addition to providing secure access and management, the right IAM solution can foster collaboration and support teaching, learning, and research in higher education.

“We are excited about providing services and support for open source IAM technologies,” said Bill Thompson, IAM Director, Unicon, Inc., “Unicon’s Cooperative Support program and consulting services are bringing the value of collaboration and open source to a wider audience while helping our clients build secure IT infrastructures.”

Commercial support for CAS, Shibboleth, and Grouper is provided through Unicon’s Cooperative Support program. Through this program, institutions gain access to a dedicated support team of expert developers and administrators, each possessing experience in the community project.

Unicon is pleased to help increase IT security at institutions with this expanded practice. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Unicon is recognizing NCSAM by announcing this expansion, designed to continue to secure and manage access for their clients.

Unicon has published an IAM brochure, detailing the services and support offerings for the technologies involved in the practice. View the brochure here: http://www.unicon.net/ckfinder/userfiles/files/iam_brochure_v06.pdf

Learn more about Unicon’s Identity and Access Management practice here: http://www.unicon.net/content/identity-and-access-management-iam-solutions

About Unicon’s Cooperative Support Program
Cooperative Support is a commercial support program featuring direct access to qualified technical staff, under four SLAs ranging from “Developer” (for those just getting started) to “Dedicated” (for those seeking unlimited 24×7 support). Participation in the program requires an annual subscription fee that enables institutions to access the support services and also funds a dedicated support and development team. All development work performed by the team is done in direct participation with the open source communities. Cooperative Support is available for CAS, uPortal, uMobile, Sakai, Shibboleth, and Grouper, with discounts available to subscribers needing support for multiple open source software products. To learn more about Unicon’s Cooperative Support Program, visit http://www.unicon.net/support/cooperative.

About Unicon
Unicon, Inc. is a leading provider of IT consulting services for the education market. Unicon works closely with colleges, universities, and corporations to find the best solutions to meet their business challenges. Unicon specializes in using open source technologies to deliver flexible and cost-effective systems in the areas of enterprise portals, learning management systems, identity and access management, online video, calendaring, email, mobile, and collaboration. Unicon is a Sakai Commercial Affiliate; an InCommon Affiliate and Participant; an Industry Member of Internet2; a Jasig and VMware Partner; an authorized Solution Provider for CAS, uPortal, and VMware; a Solution Partner of Kaltura; and a Services Partner and reseller of Liferay and Zimbra. For more information, visit: www.unicon.net.
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