Three New Institutions Select Emerging Intelligent Learning Ecosystem Provider to
Personalize Learning and Teaching Environments

DALLAS, TX, October 10, 2012 – LoudCloud Systems, provider of LoudCloud Learning Ecosystems, Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Higher Education and K12, has been awarded three new contracts this month. The new clients add to an impressive clientele roster that already includes Grand Canyon University, Career Education Corp., and Jefferson County PSD of Colorado. The three new clients include: Lutheran High School in Parker, Colorado; Bryan University in Tempe, Arizona; and YTI Institute in York, Pennsylvania.

Varied sizes with different needs, the three institutions each chose LoudCloud Systems because of the platforms advanced flexibility and technological capabilities. In only their second year, LoudCloud continues to innovate and develop intelligent Learning Ecosystems for its clients. The LoudCloud Learning Ecosystem is one of the only truly intelligent and adaptive solutions available for educational institutions, and is often selected for its ability to create personal learning and teaching environments for every user.

With the advancements in educational technology, choosing the right partner can be a critical step for institutions to improve student outcomes and increase educator effectiveness. According to LoudCloud Systems CEO Manoj Kutty, “Institutions find that trying to ‘add-on’ to legacy systems is ineffective and inefficient. Institutions are migrating to The LoudCloud Learning Ecosystems to take advantage of an intelligent, robust and reliable learning platform that is capable of capturing and analyzing hundreds of data points in order to deliver a personalized learning experience”

The right Learning Management System can be a vital tool for an institution to identify, target and assist at-risk students, support educators with powerful tools to manage classroom projects, and help institutions manage instructor and student performance.

YTI has grown significantly from its small beginnings some 44 years ago and now serves a population of approximately 2,400 students at its five campuses. The YTI schools remain committed to its mission of serving the career and personal goals of students and meeting the employment needs of business in the local region. Venturing into their first online learning experience, YTI Institute in Pennsylvania chose LoudCloud Systems as their first online partner. With over 2,000 students, YTI is helping committed students attain rewarding careers through industry-modeled, student-centered, training and support of the highest caliber. Andrew Hipple, director of Information Technology of YTI Institute shared, “After reviewing more than a half-dozen LMS options, YTI chose The LoudCloud Learning Ecosystems. A huge key for us was LoudCloud’s flexibility and willingness to truly work as a partner with us to achieve our online learning goals. The flexibility of the platform to work with our current SIS (CampusVue) allowing YTI to ‘modernize’ the faculty portal for grades and attendance will be a major crowd pleaser for our faculty.”
Founded in 1940, Bryan University boasts three campuses and one flight campus. To further differentiate Bryan from other higher learning institutions, Bryan has taken a unique approach to virtual online distance education. As the learning environment has evolved, so too has Bryan with virtual classrooms. Bryan’s Phoenix virtual education production facility produces engaging, interactive coaching environments that help students accelerate and retain knowledge. Currently, their students attend virtual classrooms from many states. Bryan University is driven by a mission to challenge the boundaries of traditional education and liberate the innate greatness in people. Fulfilling this mission includes building partnerships and garnering participation from leading institutions, associations, and corporations in the fields of study that they offer. “Adding the capabilities of LoudCloud’s Learning Ecosystem will enable Bryan University to better serve their students, both those who attend classes virtually and those who attend on any of their campuses,” said Eric Evans, Chief Operating Officer, Bryan University. “Bryan’s student centric system focuses on learning styles, reinforcement loops and dashboard feedback enhancing the student experience and LoudCloud’s LMS will enhance our system for our students.”
Opening in 2001 with 24 students and a staff of five in a strip mall, Lutheran High School recently opened a new 64,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility and now boasts 269 students and a staff of 26. The school offers a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities for its students and in 2011, 96% of its students planned to attend college. Lutheran High School’s needs are quite different from a multi-campus university, but because of LoudCloud’s advanced modular system, the school found the company’s Learning Management Software superior to others they reviewed. LoudCloud will be supporting the school with its Learning Ecosystem to deliver educational training and content to students, instructors and administrators.
LoudCloud’s intelligent Learning Ecosystem captures and statistically analyzes over 190 variables from student demographics, course engagement and assessment data to provide real-time profiles and patterns of best practice – instructional strategies, content preference, and teaching styles. The resultant data stream allows teachers to understand how students are learning, and provides them with the necessary tools to make the best interventions. Coupled with its modular component design allowing schools and institutions to “pick and choose” their own individual eco-system, the LoudCloud Learning Ecosystem creates a personal learning environment to provide better outcomes for each learner.

To demonstrate the advantages of an intelligent learning ecosystem, Kutty will be speaking at this year’s annual EDUCAUSE Conference in Denver. He will be joined by Joe Mildenhall, CIO at Grand Canyon University, who will share how the LoudCloud Learning Ecosystem’s LoudAnalytics has improved student learning and teaching outcomes at their institute.

About LoudCloud Systems
The LoudCloud Ecosystems have become the preferred choice of institutions across the spectrum of K12 and Higher Education who believe more is possible, and are not satisfied in accepting the limitations of first-generation learning management systems and instructional improvement products.

LoudCloud Systems is based in Dallas, Texas and has more than 50 years of experience in the education and technology industry. LoudCloud’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board consist of pioneers in the education and technology industries and notable leaders from Stanford University, Harvard University, Grand Canyon University and Fortune 100 companies.