LocalBlox Announces Release of Mobile and Social Media Tools

Sabira Arefin, founder and CEO of LocalBlox, announced that the firm is offering a variety of mobile and social media tools to help keep neighborhoods safe. “LocalBlox is dedicated to building safe neighborhoods nationwide,” said Arefin. “We have numerous online local social networking and mobile tools that provide information to help keep neighbors safe and warn them of impending danger.”

One of the primary tools in the firm’s efforts to build safe neighborhoods is Blockwatch, that provides safety scores on a myriad of areas throughout the nation. Scores are awarded based on user local service reviews of those actually living in a given area. LocalBlox utilizes GPS technology and functions much like an online Neighborhood Watch program. Neighborhood Score/BlockWatch information can be accessed immediately in real time, allowing users to take appropriate precautions or avoid an area completely.

Mobile and local social network integration is included, providing multiple ways for the app’s users to stay informed and work toward neighborhood safety. It’s especially helpful for residents traversing unfamiliar areas, and for travelers, visitors and tourists. LocalBlox serves over 60,000 neighborhoods nationwide, allowing individuals to monitor the areas in which they’re journeying.

LocalBlox also provides online local communities Alerts that act as early warning systems to inform neighborhood residents about a variety of situations, from suspicious activities and dangerous dogs to gas leaks and downed power lines. Neighbors and local law enforcement can meet online to discuss potential problems and develop action plans.

The LocalBlox Open Neighborhood Wall allows neighbors to communicate quickly with others in real time. Alerts and information are delivered electronically, with no paperwork to complete. The system is especially helpful for the elderly; disabled and shut-ins. Neighborhood Alert can encompass local neighborhoods, multiple city blocks and entire communities.

Situations arise each day over which individuals have no control, but LocalBlox is providing neighbors in over 60,000 communities nationwide with the tools to connect, warn and inform their fellow residents of circumstances that can impact their health, safety and well-being. The platform can be accessed from home and on the go from mobile devices.

The release of the new neighborhood score from LocalBlox offers neighbors across the nation with a free online resource to promote personal and home safety. Offered in all 50 states, services encompass 30 million members. LocalBlox is dedicated to helping neighbors increase their personal level of safety and creating neighborhoods that are safe havens to work and play.

For more information or to join LocalBlox, visit the website at http://www.localblox.com.