EdGrowth Summit Encourages Early-Stage Education Companies Apply for “EdGrowth Entrepreneur Open”

Competition Puts Qualified Early-Stage Education Industry Entrepreneurs in Front of Investors, Channel Partners, Potential Customers and Influencers in K-12 & Higher Ed Sectors

NEW YORK, N.Y. (September 26, 2012) – The Education Growth Summit 2012 (EdGrowth Summit) announced today its call for applications to participate in its “EdGrowth Entrepreneur Open” competition. The competition provides a select group of early-stage companies with innovative solutions for enhancing learning; improving the operational performance of education institutions; or facilitating workforce development and individuals’ employability the rare opportunity to present their products to Summit attendees, which will include investors and influential leaders in the education industry.

The EdGrowth Summit 2012 is hosted by Education Growth Advisors, a strategic advisory and consulting firm working across the K-12, postsecondary, corporate and lifelong learning sectors, and Education Growth Partners, a private equity firm focused exclusively on growth equity investments in education companies in the preK-12, higher education, corporate training and lifelong learning sectors. The event will be held at the IAC HQ in New York City on November 1 and 2.

The EdGrowth Summit is seeking early-stage education companies who are currently delivering solutions to customers and have yet to receive Series A funding. Finalists for the Entrepreneur Open will be selected through an open application process judged by representatives of the Summit’s hosts, partners, and sponsors. Summit attendees will determine the ultimate winner during a crowd-funding-style “investment” competition during the first evening of the two-day Summit. Companies that meet the outlined criteria and are interested in applying for the Entrepreneur Open should submit an application at http://edgrowthsummit.com/entrepreneur-open/ by October 1, 2012.

The winners of the Entrepreneur Open will receive a tailored package of custom services from premier providers of marketing, legal and consulting services, as well as scheduled meetings with relevant investors and/or corporate development executives.

“The global education marketplace is brimming with risk and opportunity and early-stage companies are a vital element in that dynamic. The goal of the Entrepreneur Open is to connect these rising stars with the investors and customers that can help them accelerate their business and deploy impactful solutions for the education sector,” said Adam Newman, Managing Partner at Education Growth Advisors. “The ‘prize’ the company wins is specifically set up to address the myth that what early-stage companies need most is funding. Two of the most critical pieces young entrepreneurs need are real, honest advice and access to key thought leaders in the sector; that’s what the prize is designed to provide.”

The EdGrowth Summit, formerly known as the Venture Capital in Education Summit, will once again bring together entrepreneurs, investors, institutional leaders, and executives in an intimate, engaging format to explore the realities of investing in the global education marketplace. This year’s overarching theme, “A Reality Check,” will drive exploration of the complexities of investing and innovating in an industry in which market and mission converge and examine the risks and opportunity across the global education marketplace. In addition to the insightful panels and discussions that are a hallmark of the Summit, this year’s event includes new elements to amp up interactivity and engagement. One of the features is a series of debate-style sessions pitting industry heavyweights against one another on provocative education topics.

“The education sector attracts significant numbers of talented individuals and leaders who are driven to do well by doing good. But, these same people drawn by their passions often must contend with the realities of an ecosystem of intense interconnectivity and bureaucracy cast within deep-rooted policy and opinion,” said Christopher Curran, Managing Partner at Education Growth Advisors. “The EdGrowth Summit 2012 will explore the forces at work in the education sector and the dynamics of early-stage investing in the global marketplace.”

Education Week is the exclusive K-12 media partner of the EdGrowth Summit 2012. The Summit is invitation only and space is limited. For more information, visit www.edgrowthsummit.com or email summit@edgrowthllc.com. To apply for the EdGrowth Entrepreneur Open, please visit http://edgrowthsummit.com/entrepreneur-open/.

About Education Growth Advisors
Founded in 2010 by longtime education and investment industry veterans Adam Newman and Christopher Curran, Education Growth Advisors (“EGA”) is a strategic advisory and consulting firm working across the K-12, postsecondary, corporate and lifelong learning sectors. EGA delivers business expertise that marries rigorous, research-based market analysis, hands-on education-industry experience and extensive transactional and capital markets experience. EGA’s unique position at the heart of the education industry ensures that its clients have the partner they need to make the right decisions in today’s complex and rapidly evolving education marketplace. For more information about Education Growth Advisors, visit www.edgrowthadvisors.com.

About Education Growth Partners
Education Growth Partners (“EGP”) is the premier private equity firm focused exclusively on growth equity investments in education companies in the preK-12, higher education, corporate training and lifelong learning sectors. EGP invests in profitable, innovative, high-potential companies that are seeking capital and expertise to reach scale.
The firm has offices in Stamford, CT and Boston, MA and is closely affiliated with Education Growth Advisors. For more information, visit www.edgrowthpartners.com.

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