How has this streamlining helped your administration in the long run?

I think we get things done quicker, and I think that trickles down to our students in the long run—it’s all about customer service!

How has your campus financed its technology initiatives?

We add a fee to the student’s cost. It is still a great value, given that they get to keep their iPad and they get it loaded up front and get free customer service.

What has been your biggest challenge in integrating technology into academics and campus life?

I think it has been hardest to get some of our older faculty or administration to embrace the technology. By and large, once people get over their fears, they love it, but it can be frustrating at times. We already had great infrastructure for technology, but the human element was the hardest part.

How did you overcome this challenge?

Lots of training programs, and several “opinion makers” on campus embraced the technology and showed others how it works.

Two facilities have been developed by our Instructional Technology team to support and promote the innovative use of technology by our faculty and students: the Teaching and Learning Center and the Innovator’s Room.

The Teaching and Learning Center serves as a resource for all faculty members who are interested in developing and incorporating technology into their pedagogy. This room contains different types of hardware and software that enable faculty members to improve their technological skills, develop course content, and become innovative thinkers.

The Innovator’s Room is specially equipped with integrated audio and video equipment that can be used to engage and challenge students in ways not possible in more traditional classrooms.

Training is conducted on a regular basis. Faculty are introduced to various technologies, reinforced with hands-on support.

What’s your best or most useful ed-tech advice for colleagues?                 

Be patient—not everybody will embrace technology or find a great use for it.

(Material from the FHU website also was used in this report.)

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