Ellucian Recruiter Streamlines Admissions Functions and Provides Insight into Financial Aid Information

FAIRFAX, Va. – August 28, 2012 –Ellucian Recruiter has new functionality that improves the way institutions interface with prospective students and review their applications for admissions. These enhancements are already showing results at five client institutions.

Ellucian Recruiter 2.5 delivers new functionality, including:
• An enhanced web experience that is designed to enrich connections with prospective students, enabling institutions to push dynamic content rapidly and effectively, speeding the way prospects update key contact information, begin or continue an application, and submit supplemental items.
• A streamlined set of workflows to support the application review and decision-making cycle that helps accelerate critical admissions decisions
• Integration with institutional financial aid data that provides admissions staff with faster access to key information.

Five institutions have started to reap results as beta-testers of Recruiter 2.5: Becker College, Emmanuel College, Oklahoma Christian University, Olivet Nazarene University, and Transylvania University.

Transylvania University: New student enrollment up 35 percent

Live with Ellucian Recruiter since August 2011 and with Recruiter 2.5 since April, Transylvania University has successfully leveraged the solution to import data into its recruiting database quicker and connect with prospective students faster. Recruiter provides essential support to the university’s new, aggressive strategic enrollment plan which has resulted in a 35 percent increase in new student enrollment.

Before the university implemented Ellucian Recruiter, it relied on IT staff to import prospect lists, forcing the admissions office to wait until IT staff could process them. Now, Ellucian Recruiter enables admissions staff to import lists themselves and get leads into the hands of counselors faster, eliminating reliance on IT. Just minutes after lists are entered, counselors and territories are assigned and prospects are automatically sent an email telling them to expect a call soon from a counselor. The university credits Ellucian Recruiter and its support of the new enrollment plan with helping it boost enrollment from 259 new students in 2011 to about 350 for fall 2012.

“We believe Ellucian Recruiter helped us reach our enrollment numbers,” said Johnnie Johnson, associate director of admissions at Transylvania. “We can easily get lists into the system so we have more students in our database to recruit from, and we are getting that information into the hands of our counselors sooner.”

The university believes that the new prospective student web experience, streamlined decision-making lifecycle, and access to financial aid information that are available in Ellucian Recruiter 2.5 will advance its efforts to get critical information into the right hands faster. As a result, prospective students can complete their admissions applications faster; and the university can respond to student needs more quickly.

“Our prospects live in an age of instant gratification,” said Bryan Conover, assistant director of admissions at Transylvania University. “Other institutions were responding quicker. Now, we can meet students’ expectations for responsiveness and this helps us be more competitive.”

Institutions using Recruiter 2.5 also tout other dimensions of the solution’s functionality, including:
• Access to competitive FAFSA data that indicates prospects’ top choices
• Ability to super-score SATs and ACTs
• Improved duplicate management capabilities
• Improved analytics

“The new functionality released in Ellucian Recruiter 2.5 enhances an institution’s ability to offer fast, personalized responses and project a positive image to prospective students—tools that are critical for meeting strategic enrollment numbers,” said Dana Hamerschlag, director of product management at Ellucian. “Designed to speed and streamline the entire recruitment lifecycle, Ellucian Recruiter 2.5 provides key functionality specifically engineered to help institutions thrive in a highly competitive recruitment marketplace.”

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About Transylvania University
Transylvania University, founded in 1780, is the nation’s 16th oldest college and is consistently ranked among the country’s top liberal arts colleges. Situated on a park-like campus in the historic district of downtown Lexington, Kentucky, Transylvania is one of only a handful of the nation’s top small colleges located in the heart of a dynamic city. This location provides students with numerous internship, service, cultural, and social opportunities. Transylvania enrolls approximately 1,100 students and offers 38 different academic majors.

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