College students publish ed-tech textbook on Apple’s iBookstore

Crystal Burt, an English major at Georgia College and a high school teacher, said the chapter she completed for her course’s eTextbook focused on the use of interactive whiteboards that can supplement a lecture with video and images.

“My chapter educates teachers about the three major distributors of interactive whiteboards and discusses accessories, links and other resources of this product,” said Burt, who will earn her specialist degree in education at the college. “The entire textbook teaches teachers new ways to integrate technology into their courses.”

Neil Hughes, associate editor for the blog Apple Insider, was skeptical of the iBookstore’s popularity among educators when it was unveiled in January. Stagnating school budgets, he said, could make the expensive iPad a pipe dream for many school systems hoping just to maintain current technology programs.

“This is a time when schools are cutting back on budgets, they’re not spending a ton of money,” Hughes said. “How well received that will be is hard to say because this is a tough economic time and schools are feeling the squeeze from top to bottom.”

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