Senators go after ‘worthless’ college degrees

A survey released Aug. 3 by the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) showed that nearly half of students who had defaulted on their school loans felt they should not have to pay back their loans largely because their education didn’t help them land a job after graduation.

Of the student respondents who said they should not have to pay back their student loans, 90 percent attended for-profit colleges, according to the NCLC. Eight in 10 respondents were unemployed.

The Virginia College graduates, many of them medical assisting students, were only made aware of the school’s lack of licensing after earning their degree and being turned down for jobs because they lacked basic experience.

Virginia College, the recipient of $292 million in federal student loans last year, has also been accused of targeting African Americans and women in local advertising campaigns, which included online efforts like pop-up ads. The school’s recruiters guided these prospective students toward hefty educational loans, some as high as $26,000 for a 15-month course in medical assistance at the college’s Jackson, Miss., campus.

The college’s YouTube channel, recently taken down, its website, and print and bus advertisements in and around Jackson mostly featured African-American women. Officials from the Mississippi Center for Justice said 80 percent of the school’s students are women and 90 percent are African American.

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