Lady Gaga and U-Va.’s Helen Dragas

Helen Dragas, the rector of the University of Virginia’s governing board, probably never thought she would be linked in a headline to Lady Gaga, but she did it to herself with e-mails she sent to the school’s leaders, The Washington Post reports.

My colleague Jenna Johnson reported on her Campus Overload blog about an e-mail exchange that started when Dragas sent a missive to university President Teresa Sullivan and Provost John Simon signaling her concern over a negative 2011 post on a conservative foundation’s blog about courses at four universities that use Lady Gaga to explore some other topic. The University of Virginia was one of them (along with the University of South Carolina, Wake Forest University and Arizona State University).

Dragas said in her first e-mail: “Opinions will, of course, vary on curricular content and direction, but there must be some internal arbiter of what is appropriate. I don’t purport to know what that is, but it is clear to me that that others do (at least purport to know), and that those people can influence our future. We should be mindful of that, in my opinion.”

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