Researchers: Self-selecting college roommates can improve grades

Logan said even for higher-education officials who agree with that common criticism, students should be allowed to make the choices they believe are best for them.

“There’s a certain level of trust here,” he said. “You have to trust your students a little bit in a way that we haven’t before. … Social media is about giving up control, not taking it.”

The community of SIUE roommate seekers was connected quickly and thoroughly once the school adopted RoomSync, according to a case study published this year.

Only one among more than 1,000 new SIUE students did not have a Facebook account—not a particularly shocking statistic as national surveys show 96 percent of college students use Facebook.

Forty-four percent of incoming students entered the university’s RoomSync database, resulting in 894 Facebook messages exchanged between students, 190 wall posts, and 1,053 Facebook friend requests sent between potential roommates.

SIUE students averaged 32 visits to the RoomSync app as the school year approached, according to the case study. There were more than 19,000 total visits to the app.

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