GoingOn Presentation on Faculty Networks Selected for the Sloan-C Emerging Technologies Symposium

GoingOn Networks, Inc. recently announced that Melissa Loble, Vice President of Client Strategy at GoingOn, is speaking at the Sloan Consortium’s 5th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning. On Wednesday, July 25, 2012, Loble will co-present the session, “Using Social Technologies to Improve Faculty Communications and Collaboration,” with Dr. Colin Marlaire, Director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Training at National University.

The session will consider the emerging role of social modalities in higher education and how such technologies can be used to foster vibrant faculty connections and collaboration by discussing National University’s experiences and lessons learned while building an academic engagement network.

“Academic engagement networks are proving to be a highly effective way to drive campus-wide collaboration between and among departments and administration, students and faculty and students and their classmates,” said Loble. “This presentation will discuss how social technologies and modalities are changing – and improving – the landscape of campus-wide academic collaboration.”

Earlier this summer reviewers recommended the presentation proposal as a potential candidate for a Sloan-C Effective Practice Award.

The presentation will focus on helping attendees:

• Discover identifiable, practical strategies to empower faculty by providing more effective tools for sharing ideas, curriculums and learning objects across like faculty;
• Learn how to foster a more engaged faculty by using academic engagement networks to improve alignment across institution and program level goals, initiatives and best practices;
• Explore challenges their institutions face and discuss how they might be able to leverage modern social technologies to better facilitate communication, connections and collaboration among faculty at their institutions.

The Sloan Consortium’s 5th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning is July 25-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More information about the session and the Symposium can be found on the Sloan-C conference website.

To learn more about GoingOn Networks and its academic engagement network, visit GoingOn.com.

About GoingOn Networks, Inc.
GoingOn provides colleges and universities with an innovative, On-Demand communications and collaboration environment where students, faculty and administrators can more effectively connect, converse and engage across all aspect of their academic life experience. As the reliance on social and mobile technologies continues to accelerate, institutions are being challenged to create a more modern connected campus, where students and faculty can more easily communicate, share resources and connect with each other, from anywhere and at any time.

The GO Platform allows institutions to build a privately branded academic social network where users can more easily access school-wide information and resources and come together to converse, share ideas and expand their knowledge base. The GoingOn solution can be easily and quickly deployed without requiring development or technical resources and will grow organically across the campus. The platform combines an intuitive Personal Virtual Commons with Facebook-like activity streams, self-service tools for building collaborative spaces and integrated academic networking features. For more information or to learn more about GoingOn, visit www.GoingOn.com.

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