Fifty of the best ed-tech products for colleges and schools

EduVision (JDL Horizons)

EduVision is a full-featured video streaming platform and internet broadcast TV service that allows schools and districts to upload and run video on their websites.

EduVision “enables districts to easily upload videos and make them available through a user-friendly interface,” said Jeanine Gendron, director of instructional technology for Florida’s Broward County Schools. “In Broward, EduVision is being used in two different ways to support the educational community. First, the Department of Instructional Technology has used EduVision to upload videos focused on classroom practices, strategies, and lessons that exemplify how to integrate technology into teaching and learning. Teachers then view and share their classroom ideas, which supports professional learning. Second, EduVision is used to stream school board meetings and workshops in real time. The video streams are made available through the district website and are accessible via a computer, laptop, or mobile device—including iPads, tablets, and smart phones. The videos are then stored and can be retrieved immediately for review. … EduVision has enabled Broward to effectively integrate video streaming and video distribution to provide timely communications to its entire community and has resulted in a positive change in how communication occurs.”

eTeachables (Sublime Learning)

eTeachables are brief, on-demand video tutorials that model effective teaching with various technology tools, to help teachers answer the “how and why” of technology-based instruction.

“The eTeachables … help teachers quickly create high-quality, standards-based lessons that utilize 21st-century tools,” said Anne Callies, assistive technology coordinator for the San Diego Unified School District, which uses the product as part of its professional development for teachers in the district’s groundbreaking i21 Interactive Classroom program. “Everything you need to create your own customized and differentiated lesson is right there. Everyone who has used these lessons has raved about them and how easy they are to implement.”

FluidMath (Fluidity Software)

FluidMath is a teaching and learning tool designed for users of pen-centric platforms such as tablet PCs and interactive whiteboards. It features accurate recognition of handwritten math symbols, allowing teachers and students to share concepts and explore ideas electronically.

“FluidMath is the best software for teaching and learning mathematics I have used in my 25-year career,” said Nils Ahbel, a math teacher at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. “FluidMath recognizes standard math notation written in handwriting and brings the math alive. … With FluidMath, the tablet PC is not used as a substitute for manipulation skills, but rather as a tool for investigation. This change in perspective is incredibly important—it helps students be mathematicians and not just learn mathematics.”

Gaggle Apps (Gaggle Inc.)

Gaggle Apps are online tools for students to communicate and collaborate in a safe, filtered, and controlled environment. Tools include eMail, digital lockers, discussion boards, chat rooms, blogs, assignment drop boxes, and more.

“Our third, fourth, and fifth graders have safe monitored eMail, social walls, blogs, IM, homework drop boxes, digital lockers, and more with this online resource,” said Camella Herrin, technology facilitator for Cabarrus County Schools in North Carolina. “The opportunity to teach students the ethical and correct usage of such online resources has been phenomenal. We began with eMail and have now begun to branch out to social walls for our fifth graders and blogging between teachers and their students. The levels of control are managed by the designated school administrator for Gaggle, and this allows different apps within Gaggle to be rolled out as teachers and students are ready for them—not before! There is even an app called GaggleTube, which is filtered YouTube. Teachers approve educational and timely videos, and students may access them within GaggleTube in a safe manner.”

eCampus News Staff