Fifty of the best ed-tech products for colleges and schools

K-12 winners

Aerohive Wireless Access Points (Aerohive Networks)

Aerohive’s distributed, scalable wireless architecture delivers enterprise-grade service in a cost-effective way. It allows for simple, centralized management and delivers unique classroom monitoring capabilities for better control at the classroom level.

“AeroHive provided the hardware to create a school-wide wireless network that has proven to be a rock-solid performer,” said Raymond Schlosser, Technology Coordinator for Notre Dame Academy in Kentucky. “[Aerohive’s] intelligent access points and controller-free hosted configurations have required very little time to manage, and [its] interface is easy to use. [Its] teacher view software allows teachers to control when students in their classes have access to the internet and LAN, giving them better classroom management and helping to keep students on task.”


BoardDocs’ paperless services allow school districts to improve how they create and manage board packets and conduct meetings—saving time and money while enhancing transparency. All BoardDocs solutions are fully supported on most mobile devices, including the Apple iPad, and include 24-7 technical support with every subscription.

“Our school district has been using BoardDocs … since 2005. It saves our district a huge amount of money, because everything is done on the computer, and we were able to quit using reams and reams of paper,” said Kristy Rodri, a school board member for Durango School District 9-R in Colorado. “It archives our past board meetings, minutes, and newsletters, as well as our polices—so we can access information at any time. … The information [that] is only for the board members’ eyes can be put into a confidential section, which is password-protected and cannot be accessed by the public. … The product is amazing, and [BoardDocs] should be recognized for how responsive they are in the customer service area: They listen to their customers and come up with exciting additions all the time.”

Centricity2 (Schoolwires)

Centricity2 is a website and content management system that brings together all a school system’s information in one place, with group management capabilities, mobile device support, and a suite of Web 2.0 tools. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with all compatible systems, data, and third-party applications, and district leaders can measure their community’s engagement through integrated web analytics that help monitor users’ online activity.

“In my opinion, Schoolwires has created the ultimate content management environment for digital communication,” said George Weeks, director of technology for New Jersey’s Glassboro Public Schools. “Centricity makes it easy to keep our sites fresh and continually update the information we present to the public. The backend interface is easy to use, allowing anyone to edit a page, a section, or an entire site—making the traditional webmaster obsolete.  Web page editing is as simple as creating an eMail. … With this product, we have been able to make our web portal the primary source for information about the schools.  Web statistics show a steady increase in unique visitors every month since we implemented the product five years ago.”

Doceri (SP Controls)

Doceri is an iPad app and desktop software program for controlling presentations and lessons remotely. It lets users control a computer (Mac or Windows), launch any document or application, and annotate over them at any time. When used in conjunction with SP Controls’ Network Room Controller, Doceri also can remotely control projectors, DVD players, and other AV devices.

“Doceri is a remote iPad app that I use almost daily in my classroom,” said Jennifer DiPasquale, a teacher at Pennsylvania’s North Hills School District. “It has completely eliminated the use of the [interactive whiteboard] in my classroom. I [can] allow my students to write on my iPad and project it on my screen. I am able to watch my students through Apple Remote Desktop, but I watch them on my iPad so I am not stuck in one place in the room. Students enjoy writing on the iPad and seeing it on the big screen. … I love Doceri!”

eCampus News Staff