10 colleges with the most transfer students

There are thousands of college students who make the decision to transfer schools each year. Some students are looking for a fresh start or a different academic program, while others may have started at a local school or community college to cut costs, reports U.S. News and World Report.

Among the 1,208 ranked colleges and universities that provided transfer student data to U.S. News, roughly 564,500 students enrolled in another institution in 2010. As students consider transferring, they should keep in mind that resources and transfer student populations vary by institution.

In 2010, colleges accepted and enrolled an average of 467 transfer students each, a number that falls thousands of students short of the average at the top 10 schools with the most enrolled transfer students in the country. Among those 10 schools that accepted and enrolled the most transfer students, an average of 4,532 students transferred from another college in 2010.

Arizona State University, the largest university in the country for undergraduate students, with an enrollment of 59,562, enrolled 6,158 transfer students in fall 2010–the largest population among schools that reported transfer data.

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