New regulation to focus on students’ academic rights

Aiming to improve the quality of education across all colleges and universities, India will soon come up with a regulation that will inform students about their academic rights and entitlements – including on programs operated by foreign universities, reports University World News.

The academic community has welcomed the announcement. According to the University Grants Commission, or UGC – the apex regulatory body for universities in India – it is working on a Students’ Entitlement Regulation.

The regulation will apply to public and private universities alike. And since international universities poised to enter India will need to partner with local institutions, student rights and entitlements will also apply to foreign programmes and campuses.

The regulation will specify the academic rights of students, such as the minimum number of lectures to be held, access to quality laboratories, the presence of adequate books and reference material in university libraries, and sporting and accommodation facilities, among other areas.

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