Dell jumps into lecture capture

“Schools know exactly what students expect” in a campus’s technology offerings, Mullen said. “And they want to deliver that. … I think that’s why we’ve seen demand for this kind of technology grow so much.”

Campus-based and cloud-based lecture capture systems improved students’ grades, efficiency, and course satisfaction, according to a national survey conducted by Tegrity, maker of a lecture-recording technology known as Tegrity Campus.

The overwhelmingly positive survey results come a year after a conservative media mogul posted lecture-capture video of University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) faculty member advocating violence as a legitimate tool in labor union negotiations. The video, later deemed “highly distorted” by UMKC officials, drew national attention and scorn from a range of conservative media outlets.

Nine in 10 students said recorded lectures posted to course websites have increased the amount of material they learn during the semester, according to the Tegrity survey. Eighty-five percent of student said the technology made them more efficient studiers, and 37 percent said they watched lectures twice a week. One in 10 students watched lectures more than six times in a week.

Seven in 10 student respondents said using lecture capture helped improve their final course grades.

About half of the students surveyed were using lecture capture in traditional classrooms, while the other half were enrolled in hybrid or online courses, according to Tegrity.

Greenberg said the Dell-Echo360 partnership could be seen by educators and campus officials as a “marketing move.” That would make it unlikely for Echo360 to attract new college campuses in the short run.

“Initially, this is … not likely to drive a lot of volume but very good for the brand to be partnered with Dell,” he said. “Down the road it will be interesting to watch if Dell’s data centers add value to Echo360’s solutions.”

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