An Unparalleled End-to-End SIEM-Based Snort and Suricata IDS Solution

SEATTLE, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Tactical FLEX, Inc., a global provider of information security, vulnerability and risk management software solutions, today announced the debut of Aanval SAS™, a powerful automated Situational Awareness System designed to raise the bar by providing complete end-to-end network visibility across physical and virtual environments, enhancing network defenses, thwarting advanced security threats, and identifying real threats and vulnerabilities before cyber criminals find them. Aanval SAS™ is the combination of the most advanced SIEM features coupled with the newly released Network Host Scanner, Rogue Host Detection, and Offensive Reconnaissance™ that take full advantage of Nmap, the industry’s most well-known and accomplished port scanning utility to perform both automated and on-request network reconnaissance. Network host availability, IP, and service scanning, as well as OS fingerprinting are now also available directly within Aanval®.

The new Aanval SAS™ solution ties in with the Responsible Security Package which provides enterprises of all sizes with a complete, scalable, and affordable end-to-end security solution for Snort and Suricata IDS that can adapt to the latest security threats, new vulnerabilities, BYOD implementations, and everyday network challenges. Tactical FLEX, Inc. understands that organizations cannot afford to have a blind spot in their network infrastructure as well as lack the capability to detect a potential or existing security breach and rogue devices. Tactical FLEX, Inc. is committed to ensuring our customers derive the greatest possible value from their Aanval SAS™ investment and have the opportunity to secure all of their company networks and security infrastructures across the board. With annual unlimited sensor capacity, organizations and businesses of all network sizes are no longer limited by sensor cost and can now monitor every aspect of their environment. The Responsible Security Package helps support our customers’ network security deployment initiatives while delivering substantial cost savings and enhancing overall security posture. SMBs and large enterprises can now easily deploy an effective market-leading end-to-end network security solution that can also store nearly an unlimited number of security events within the console.

Tactical FLEX, Inc. has been a growing force in transforming the threat management market with the development of Aanval®. Aanval® is the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end SIEM-based Snort and Suricata IDS solution built with a unique situational awareness engine, distinct false positive protection technology, and a fully integrated event management and attack data correlation engine. Currently over 6,000 organizations around the globe use Aanval® because it provides a defense-in-depth security approach providing an unparalleled oversight of the networks it protects. “In today’s dangerous and evolving cyber battlefield, advanced threats are overpowering traditional security solutions and additional network visibility and situational awareness is now required to efficiently detect network vulnerabilities and combat the full realm of sophisticated threats facing today’s enterprises. Therefore, the ability to thoroughly analyze suspicious activity with advanced detection and identifying host operating systems to counter attacks can help thwart breaches,” stated Loyal Moses, CEO of Tactical FLEX, Inc. Tactical FLEX, Inc. also continues to support both the information security and open source Snort and Suricata community by providing users with a free non-commercial version of Aanval® that allows full functionality of a single-sensor device.

Screenshots and details of Aanval SAS™ are available at and Aanval® products and services may be purchased from Tactical FLEX, Inc. at Aanval® may be downloaded for testing and evaluation. Follow Aanval® on Twitter @Aanval.

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Tactical FLEX, Inc. is a privately owned software development firm based in Seattle, specializing in information security research, engineering, technology design, and production. With the technological development of Aanval®, Tactical FLEX, Inc. has become a global provider of information security vulnerability and risk management software solutions that protect businesses of all sizes. Aanval® currently has over 6,000 customers worldwide including government security, defense organizations, technology corporations, financial services organizations, energy companies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, biotechnology manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, utility providers, and many others. Please visit for more information. Follow Tactical FLEX, Inc. on Twitter @Tacticalflex.

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