Officers’ names can be released in UC Davis incident, judge rules

Siding with the Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee, an Alameda County Superior Court judge Tuesday ordered the release of the names of UC Davis police officers that were removed from a critical report on the pepper-spraying of student protesters, reports the L.A. Times.

The newspapers sued the UC Regents last month under the California Public Records Act to compel release of the names –- all but two of which had been withheld under a settlement agreement in a separate case.

In that case, Judge Evelio Grillo had disagreed with the police officers’ union that significant swaths of the report pertaining to officer conduct should be withheld from the public. But he had allowed for the redaction of most names after the union asserted that those officers would probably face harassment. On Tuesday, Grillo said his earlier injunction did not apply to information sought under the California Public Records Act and ordered the policy report –- written by a task force headed by former state Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso –- released in its entirety.

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