For-profit lobbying group questions federal stats after unflattering report

If enforced, the government’s gainful employment rules would build a barrier to higher education for nontraditional students, Gunderson said.

“This burdensome regulation, if implemented as currently construed, will deny access for hundreds of thousands of Americans such as working parents, veterans and other … students who have oftentimes taken a different path when seeking and obtaining their postsecondary education,” he said.

President George W. Bush, a supporter of for-profit schools, said in an address to the APSCU’s national convention in June that colleges that receive federal money should be regulated.

“Any time you reform, it sparks controversy…. My attitude all along is that you’ve got to measure…. If government spends money, doesn’t it make sense for government to ask, are there results? I think it does,” Bush said, according to Republic Report, a blog that tracks for-profit regulations.

Bush was greeted by silence, according to Republic Report.