Students whose open-source ideas are accepted will work with a mentor throughout the summer as they get a feel for the world of software development and code writing.

Students who make their way into the company’s Summer of Code program will have their project pitches posted online.

There are thousands of open-source proposals listed on the official Google site. One, for example, will fix a bug found in the Mozilla internet browser. Fixing the bug could improve Gmail integration within the Mozilla platform.

Another proposal listed on Google’s Summer of Code site is from a student who has begun development on an open-source tool that would detect vulnerabilities in the internet’s newest protocol, known as IPv6. The protocol went live in early June after years of testing.

The $300,000 gift from Google is part of OSU’s The Campaign, the first organized fundraising effort in the university’s history. So far, the school has raised more than $800 million from contributions to The Campaign, according to OSU.

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