VITEC uses Optibase Video Encoding Platform to capture Sacramento Chancellors Office Board of Governors meetings and Press Conferences for real-time viewing over the Internet to all 112 Higher Education Community Colleges in California.

Sunnyvale, California, March 29, 2012 – VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced digital video solutions, today announced it has deployed it’s Optibase MGWx100 platform in the California Community Colleges Chancellors offices in Sacramento enabling video feeds from Sacramento to stream over the Internet to Palomar College in San Marcos which are then recorded and streamed over the Internet to all Community Colleges in California, consisting of 112 Higher education learning institutions in 72 districts, being the largest in the nation.

The Sacramento Chancellors office has built a state of the art conference room with robotic cameras, computer systems and Optibase MGWx100 platform all remotely controlled by 3C Media Solutions who is an education media distribution network dedicated to assisting the California Community Colleges (CCC) with the most up-to-date media solutions available. 3C Media in San Marcos is over 400 miles away from the Chancellors office. The rooms are used for board meetings and press conferences concerning the entire district of CCC Education system. Equipping the facility with such technology has cut travel cost by recording and streaming all events in San Marcos, avoiding the necessity to send out a crew to each event. Additionally a much broader viewership of teachers, faculty and students is reached for viewing video conferences and meetings over the internet.

Optibase MGWx100 encoder was a drop in replacement of a legacy encoder system, fitting seamlessly into the network architecture. The MGWx100 is a TRUE carrier grade system that supports multiple channels of video encoding while providing a single network interface saving ports on a network router, unlike competing products that require a network port per encoded channel.

“This deployment is an ideal example of how streaming video can save companies and institutions money by using today’s internet as the transport, “said Michael Chorpash, Vice President of Sales at VITEC. “Our encoding platforms are cost effective for a single channel deployment and can scale much larger as our customers requirement increase while utilizing existing network equipment and avoiding costly upgrades or retrofits.”

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Since 1988, VITEC has been a worldwide leading provider of powerful digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions for Broadcast, Corporate, Education, Government, Industrial, Medical, Military, and Telco customers. By integrating world famous brands including Optibase, Focus, Proxsys, Monisys, Stradis, Extensor, and Sylon, VITEC now controls the complete video chain with professional-grade products for acquisition, encoding, processing, management, and delivery. With approximately one hundred R&D engineers specializing in digital video, VITEC offers innovative and cost effective hardware and software, advanced technology research, and custom product designs for world-class OEM’s. VITEC is headquartered in Paris, France, with worldwide R&D, Sales, and System Integration offices. For further information, please visit

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