FAIRFAX, Va. June 1, 2012 – Ferrum College will implement Ellucian’s Colleague administrative system as its foundation to build and deliver new academic models. The college also licensed Ellucian’s Recruiter, Intelligent Learning Platform, Colleague Reporting and Operating Analytics solutions, and mobile access functionality.

One of the college’s primary reasons for selecting Colleague is to allow the administrative flexibility necessary for the delivery of online learning programs in support of its “Achieving Excellence through Student Success and Service” strategic plan. Colleague will provide Ferrum with the flexibility to offer courses at varying periods outside of the traditional semester schedule. This flexibility is essential for providing students with options for their degree completion. In addition, Colleague’s self-service functionality, modern, web-based interface, and mobile functionality will provide online and traditional learners with improved administrative services in the areas of student admissions and records, financial aid, finance, human resources, alumni development, and institutional advancement.

“Ellucian demonstrated that Colleague offers the ability to configure for the new academic models that are today’s paradigm,” said Tim Belcher, director of administrative computing at Ferrum College. “We are excited about what Ellucian, and Colleague in particular, can contribute to the future of Ferrum College.”

Ferrum’s planned conversion to a new learning management (LMS) system along with implementation of the Intelligent Learning Platform will enable the college to integrate with core administrative data to create a seamless learning environment for students and instructors and to decrease administrative barriers to LMS adoption. Ferrum also expects to gain efficiencies in processes and improved access to real-time data for better decision-making as a result of the seamless data exchange among functional departments enabled by Colleague. The solution also includes an integrated portal and built-in communications management and workflow capabilities.

“With better technologies to support their mission, Ferrum can continue to put students first well into their future,” said Bruce Bleiman, senior vice president, customer relationships, Ellucian. “By providing various platforms for classes, the college is making it easier for students to access the courses they need and increasing their likelihood of completion and student success.”

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