Online Book publisher challenges establishment

While traditional book publishers are still struggling to find a viable business model for eBooks, is taking a different approach. With their free eBooks, they offer an alternative to the often unfair priced eBooks. In the US, half a million eBooks were downloaded in the last 12 months.

It’s on everyone’s lips: the book market is in transition. The traditional publishers are facing the danger of being left behind if they do not adapt quickly enough. “Fast transition is needed from existing publishers if they want to stay in business”, says Kristian Madsen, CEO of

Free alternative
Bookboon offers an alternative for the often unfair priced eBooks. The eBooks are available for free thanks to the insertion of a small number of employer branding and recruitment advertisements in the eBooks. The ePublisher currently offers business books, academic textbooks for university students and travel guides.

Ever since Bookboon became a global company, it has proven successful in the US: in the past 12 months, experienced half a million downloads. As the eBook trend is growing, readers who at first rejected the electronic book wave are taking a closer look. Madsen: “Many business professionals and students have an e-reader or tablet. Our wide selection of eBooks offers something to everyone.”

About Bookboon
Bookboon is a publishing house of free e-books. All eBooks are written exclusively for the publisher by specialists and university professors. In 2011, 11 million eBooks were downloaded worldwide. The publisher expects 50 million downloaded eBooks in 2012.


Sophie Tergeist