Republicans pounce after Obama targets diploma mills catering to military

The for-profit college industry is the third largest donor to Miller’s current campaign. The APSCU has given $1,000 to Miller’s re-election effort, along with Bridgepoint Education, DeVry Inc., Education Management Corp., and Westwood College.

Sullivan University in Kentucky, which came under national scrutiny in 2011 after Sullivan officials allegedly told employees to donate money to the opponent of Kentucky’s attorney general, has given $5,000 to Miller’s campaign.

“It’s not surprising that some in Congress jumped up so quickly to stand with predatory colleges against America’s men and women in uniform,” Jilani wrote. “As usual, it’s all about the money.”

Miller said Obama’s executive order was redundant. Prospective college students, he said, could visit the College Navigator website.

Powered by the National Center for Education Statistics, the site lets students examine school data, including ethnicity, gender, student indebtedness, costs, and private and federal financial aid availability.

Instituting federal rules ensuring military veterans are well informed before they choose a college or university, Jilani wrote, is sound policy amid government reports detailing high dropout rates and loan repayments among for-profit college students.

“When so much of the money for a sector comes from taxpayers, government has a duty to protect against waste, fraud, and abuse,” he wrote.