Becker College Implements MOAT to Improve Policy Management and Compliance

Becker College has implemented MOAT, an innovative risk management software platform from Awareity, to more effectively communicate all policies, procedures, training, etc. with faculty and staff and ensure ongoing compliance.

With campuses in Worcester and Leicester, Massachusetts, Becker College serves nearly 1,800 students and is always looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions to address campus needs. MOAT allows Becker administrators to improve campus-wide efficiencies with a comprehensive suite of web-based tools. The MOAT Awareness Vault enables all college faculty and staff to have on-demand access to their individual roles and responsibilities and helps them comply with new and updated regulations, like HIPAA, FERPA, PCI-DSS, state data breach regulations, etc. MOAT provides the fastest and easiest way to implement customized and organization-specific training, plans, policies and procedures with individual-level reporting and legal-ready documentation.

MOAT provides us with real-time reporting and documentation to see who has read or not read college IT and HR policies and procedures and eliminates the need for expensive paper-based employee handbooks and time consuming e-mail tracking,” said Patty Patria, Becker College CIO. “With the MOAT tool, now we can easily communicate with personnel throughout the year and keep track of employee acknowledgements for compliance, end-of-year examinations, audits, etc.”

Becker College also has access to Awareity’s training library and can take advantage of up-to-date Modules covering topics like Security Awareness, HIPAA, FERPA and PCI-DSS. MOAT also provides Becker access to Awareity’s award-winning TIPS platform (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services). TIPS empowers college personnel, students and third-parties to confidentially report suspicious activities and incidents (discrimination, harassment, violence, information security, ethical issues, threats, suspicious incidents, etc.). TIPS automatically notifies appropriate Threat Assessment members and tracks team actions, at-risk individuals and more.

“MOAT/TIPS is helping campus leaders reduce the time spent on general training, documentation, printing, filing, etc. and instead focus on what is important – providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students, staff and community,” said Rick Shaw, CEO and President of Awareity

About Awareity:
Awareity helps organizations prevent the preventable by transforming the status quo and equipping individuals to connect-the-dots. Awareity is equipping organizations of all types to improve safety and prevent regulatory failures, compliance fines, lawsuits, privacy breaches, safety disconnects, operational challenges, ethical lapses, incident reporting failures, workplace violence and more. Awareity’s award-winning TIPS platform offers innovative, proven and more cost-effective ways to connect-the-dots, eliminate embarrassing gaps and realize a better bottom line. For more information visit or contact Awareity at

Katie Johnson