Online recruiting service helps link athletes with colleges

Since starting to use the service, he has been able to supplement in-state athletes with others from Colorado, California, and Texas to remain competitive in his conference.

He has the site on his cell phone and home computer and is constantly checking it to see what athletes are checking out his program.

“I always joke and call us bottom feeders,” Younger said. “The big boys will get their stuff. We generally have to deal with Division II, the NAIA, and the other community colleges. The database they have is tremendous. It has allowed us to fill holes in the program and compete in our conference.”

One facet college coaches like best is the ease with which they can communicate directly with the students and their parents without having to go through club or high school coaches.

“You can contact the kid directly,” said Jim Brewer, cross country and track coach at Concordia College in California. “They’re putting out there that they want to be recruited. It’s frustrating when you hear from coaches that they don’t have kids good enough. You can’t limit kids’ potential. Sometimes a kid no one is talking to has the desire to succeed.”

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