Numonics Corporation Announces IPM II Field Upgrade to INTELLIBOARD Interactive Whiteboard

For Immediate Release CONTACT: Susan Deptula

April 20, 2012, Montgomeryville, PA– Now it is possible for existing Interactive Presentation Manager (IPM II) customers to easily and economically upgrade their interactive whiteboards to be compatible with the current INTELLIBOARD® product and version of Windows.

“Since USB has replaced RS232 as the current standard we can now offer an upgrade path to the thousands of IPM II customers who want to continue to use this robust product. Creating a cost effective upgrade path for this legacy system will continue to provide a return on investment to our loyal customers. And, it is a further indication of our commitment to making our products relevant in the digital classroom,” stated Alfred N. Basilicato President & CEO of Numonics Corporation.

The electronics upgrade kit for all IPM II products is $298. The low cost of the upgrade kit provides the following benefits to users:
1. Compatible with current INTELLIBOARD software
2. Windows 7 compatible
3. USB connectivity
4. No power supply needed
5. No adapter required for MAC connectivity
6. Dual Pen capable
7. One year warranty on upgraded electronics and new DS pen

“The new upgrade kit will provide continued use for all the IPM II users giving them access to our most current applications software,” stated Tom Harwick, Numonics Sales Manager. “The upgrade kit is available on the Numonics website with complete easy to follow instructions for accomplishing this simple upgrade in the field,” Steve Hildebrandt, Customer Support Manager added.

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