Tactical FLEX, Inc. Drives SIEM Products To New Level With Release of Aanval v7

Seattle, Washington — April 11, 2012 — Tactical FLEX, Inc., a global provider of information security vulnerability and risk management software solutions, today announced the highly anticipated release of Aanval v7, uniquely and completely written in standard HTML and Javascript, and more importantly void of Adobe Flash. The completely re-written codebase enables Aanval v7 to work in every browser and across every mobile platform, thus providing a competitive edge over other SIEM platforms.

With the launch of Aanval v7, Tactical FLEX is uniquely positioned to expand its global leadership with this proven, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy SIEM solution which also provides intrusion detection for additional security. Over 6,000 organizations around the globe use Aanval because it provides a proactive tool to combat cyber threats and safeguard their virtual and physical assets.

The release of Aanval v7 by Tactical FLEX is another important milestone in the company’s ongoing investment in product innovations, software enhancements, and information security technology. “Security management requirements are rapidly changing, moving away from log filtering and compliance reporting to comprehensive situational awareness and deep data analysis,” stated Loyal Moses, CEO of Tactical FLEX. “We are on the forefront of recognizing these critical changes and have designed Aanval v7 to deliver a highly interactive and scalable market-leading SIEM solution complete with advanced data analysis and an unmatched level of Internet and local network-security situational awareness. Because our focus has always been on performance and stability, we have created a real-time event processing system that handles as many as 1,500 events per second and scales beautifully with hardware to process as many as 5,000 events per second.” The improved background processing systems of Aanval v7 are simpler, more powerful, and more capable than ever before.

A few selected features and enhancements in Aanval v7:
» No more Adobe Flash! 100% HTML and Javascript
» Unmatched level of Internet and local network-security situational awareness
» False positive protection engine that automatically tags and filters events to help keep false positives from overpowering true risks
» Accelerated real-time event processing power
» Live GeoLocation displays with powerful new mapping framework
» New real-time events per second, per hour, and per day displays
» Dozens of advanced displays with near limitless viewing angles on attack data
» Advanced background processing system

Screen shots and details of Aanval v7 are available at www.aanval.com and product licenses, upgrades, training, and support service packages may be purchased from Tactical FLEX at www.aanval.com/purchase. Aanval may be downloaded for testing and evaluation.

About Tactical FLEX, Inc.
Tactical FLEX, Inc. is a privately owned software development firm based in Seattle, specializing in information security research, engineering, technology design, and production. With the technological development of Aanval®, Tactical FLEX has become a global provider of information security vulnerability and risk management software solutions that protects businesses of all sizes. Aanval currently has over 6,000 customers worldwide including government security, defense organizations, technology corporations, global financial organizations, educational institutions and many others.

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