Denim Group Donates Threadstrong Secure Software Development e-Learning Courses To U.S. Universities

Denim Group Donates Threadstrong Secure Software Development e-Learning Courses To U.S. Universities

ThreadStrong’s Industry-Leading Secure Application Development e-Learning Classes Guide New Developers Through The Complexity Of Developing Secure Applications

SAN ANTONIO, TX – April 10, 2012 – Denim Group, the leading secure software development company, today announced its donation of ThreadStrong secure software development courses to U.S. universities to help new developers learn how to build more secure software. Institutions such as Purdue University, home of CERIAS, one of the world’s leading academic institutions for information security research and education; Rutgers University, New Jersey’s preeminent public research university; Georgia Tech Research Institute, a world-class applied research and development organization and home to the Cyber Technology and Information Security Lab; The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), home of the Institute for Cyber Security; and Trinity University, which U.S. News and World Report ranked first among “America’s Best Colleges,” are among the learning institutions whose faculty have used Denim Group’s e-Learning courses.

“Software developers graduating from college today are largely not exposed to secure development concepts in undergraduate studies,” said John Dickson, Principal of Denim Group. “Secure development organizations like ours in the software industry should help universities fill in the educational gap between software and security to help students understand these concepts before they enter the workforce. Our Threadstrong e-Learning courses are already helping developers at Fortune 500 companies understand how to build more secure code. By donating it to these universities, we are helping thousands of new developers nationwide gain the secure coding knowledge needed to build fundamentally secure applications when they graduate.”

Other universities to take advantage of the complimentary license include San Diego State University, Texas A&M San Antonio, St. Mary’s University, Alamo Colleges, National University and Jacksonville State. Students of these universities can access Denim Group’s ThreadStrong e-Learning courses and learn how to mitigate complex threats presented by a variety of software development languages including mobile platforms such as Android and Apple’s iOS. By taking security into account at the beginning of a software development project, these students can then avoid the common trap of unknowingly introducing security vulnerabilities into their software. Denim Group’s courses also demonstrate how to strike a real-world balance between functionality and security to enable a secure and agile enterprise that can protect its information while exceeding business performance goals.

“The University of Texas at San Antonio is among the nation’s top universities for students who want to study cyber security,” said John Frederick, University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “By integrating ThreadStrong course materials on web security and vulnerabilities into our computer science curriculum, Denim Group is impacting UTSA students in a very meaningful way. Ultimately, our goal is to train students so they become competitive graduates poised for successful careers. ThreadStrong helps support this goal by giving our students the opportunity to learn critical skills that will prepare them for leadership in the cyber security industry.”

Denim Group’s user-friendly ThreadStrong e-Learning platform combines the best elements of experiential learning methodologies with online information technology and has been used by Fortune 500 organizations to train developers on secure coding concepts. The combination of text and exercises provides students with an engaging and personalized self-paced learning experience. Unlike many security experts who just “talk” about software and security, Denim Group experts are practicing developers who spend a significant amount of their time actually building software, so examples and other content are pulled from real world experience conducting code reviews and developing secure software. All material is peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy and relevance.

ThreadStrong courses cover topics such as Secure Coding for Java and .NET applications, Threat Modeling, Software Security Remediation Basics as well as a publicly free class explaining Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Committed to providing courseware based on evolving application security threats, Denim Group also recently launched the industry’s first e-Learning courses focused on secure mobile application development. The initial offerings included an Overview of Mobile Application Security as well as Authentication and Authorization classes specific to the Android and the iPhone platforms.

ThreadStrong licensing is being donated to all eligible accredited universities and offers unlimited access to all available course materials enabling each student to review the training classes even after training is complete to refresh their knowledge. Universities are encouraged to contact Denim Group at (210) 572-4400 or at to apply for a ThreadStrong complimentary license.

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ThreadStrong application security e-Learning courses have trained thousands of developers in secure development practices across the globe. Modularized content addresses specific learning objectives using a structured, building-block approach to ensure learning objectives are accomplished most effectively for each individual. Regular content updates keep developers up to date with the newest security threat and attack technique discoveries on a regular basis.

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