GoingOn & ASU Announce Free Webinar on How to Better Engage Faculty Across Campuses

On March 27, 2012, in conjunction with the Sloan Consortium, GoingOn Networks will host a free webinar led by Sarah Krznarich, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at ASU Online. The webinar, “Utilizing Social Technologies to Improve Faculty Communications and Collaboration,” will be at 2pm EDT and will explore how ASU is using modern online, social technologies to foster faculty engagement and resource sharing. The session will offer ASU’s lessons learned, established best practices and forward-looking strategies.

“Social technologies offer institutions an incredible opportunity to empower and engage faculty across campuses,” said Sarah Krznarich, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at ASU Online. “At ASU, we’re using this technology to streamline faculty communications and provide easier ways for people to collaborate around curricula and grant writing.”

During the webinar, Krznarich will discuss ASU’s experience in implementing an academic engagement network and how these new communication platforms are changing – and improving – academic collaboration. Potential uses for student deployment will be discussed during the webinar as well.

“Today, promoting cohesion and collaboration across your programs and faculty is both more critical – and more challenging – than ever before,” said Melissa Loble, Vice President of Client Strategy at GoingOn Networks. “However, while there are obstacles to creating a connected campus, solutions do exist to help colleges and universities improve faculty communications. Emerging academic engagement networks are proving to be a highly effective way to drive campus-wide collaboration.”

In this 60-minute webinar, participants will:

• Learn about the emerging role of the academic engagement network in higher education, and its growing role in fostering vibrant faculty connections & collaboration
• Discuss how to dramatically simplify communication between faculty and administration by eliminating institutionalized-SPAM
• Explore ways to improve grant outcomes by better coordinating cross-disciplinary programs, ideas and resources
• Identify strategies to empower faculty by providing more effective tools for sharing ideas, curriculums and learning objects across like faculty
• Discover how to foster a more engaged faculty by improving alignment across institution and program level goals, initiatives and best practices
• Learn how to promote the creation of expanded faculty profiles, portfolios and peer networks

The webinar is designed to provide actionable information for professionals from the office of the CIO, academic affairs and continuing education, provosts, chancellors and deans of faculty and others who are interested in finding an effective way to significantly improve faculty connection and engagement, curriculum sharing and grant collaboration across their institutions. For more information or to register for the webinar, visit sloanconsortium.org.

To learn more about GoingOn Networks and its Academic Engagement Network, go to GoingOn.com.

About GoingOn Networks, Inc.
GoingOn is an innovative academic social networking platform that enables students, faculty and administrators to more effectively connect, collaborate and learn. GoingOn offers the first fully integrated platform for higher education that enables institutions to build an internal academic network where students and faculty can more easily share resources, create online communities and curate their academic connections, while keeping them separate from their personal social networks. The GoingOn platform combines a powerful community-building environment with integrated academic networking features and a modern stream-based architecture that allows any type of information, activity or event to be easily published to communities, user groups or to a user’s personalized Virtual Commons. Delivered as an on-demand solution leveraging open source foundations and incorporating leading-edge social web technologies, the GoingOn platform can easily be integrated into existing LMS and SISs and deployed as a single community or an institution-wide network. For more information, please visit www.GoingOn.com.

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