35 million writers now use EasyBib

New York, March 14, 2012 – The word is out. It’s out to 35 million researchers now! And it’s growing steadily. EasyBib is the go-to place for writers to organize their research, find quality sources, and credit it properly on their bibliography.

Students, researchers and professional writers in schools and libraries around the world – whether from computers or mobile devices – are finding EasyBib to be a necessary partner in their research, writing, and citing process. And they’re making good use of all the amazing new EasyBib features like the Notebook, Bibliography Analytics, and Website Evaluation.

Hundreds of schools and universities are also getting into the act by signing up to provide the institution-level service for their users. Those schools and universities have learned that EasyBib is a powerful way to help writers build 21st century learning skills such as:

• Critical thinking – The EasyBib Notebook allows students to be evidence-based researchers, organizing their research to keep track of where information is coming from.
• Reflective learning – EasyBib helps students evaluate both the quality of their bibliographies through Bibliography Analytics, and the quality of the sources they are citing through Website Evaluation.
• Plagiarism prevention – As an intuitive and comprehensive citation tool, EasyBib makes the citation process less intimidating for students, ensuring they’ll cite all their sources properly.
• Information literacy – Students learn the differences between source types, why different elements are used in citations, and where to find bibliographical info.

“EasyBib is more than just a simple and intuitive citation service – as 35 million researchers have now discovered,” commented Neal Taparia, EasyBib Co-founder. “Our service tackles the big issues of the current information age: how to find authoritative content, how to extract meaning from it, and how to credit it properly. EasyBib helps writers navigate the jungle of information that’s out there, with ease and confidence.”


EasyBib.com is a citation formatting, note taking, and research tool. Founded in 2001 by students, EasyBib is headquartered in New York City and used by over 35 million students. EasyBib offers up-to-date formatting in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, footnotes and parenthetical citations, note taking features, and more. Visit: www.easybib.com

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