Emergency notification in jeopardy if students tune out digital signage

Once colleges establish digital screens as a means of daily communication with students, the technology can be used as a reliable way to warn the campus community of flash floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and reports of shootings on or near campus.

Digital signage is among the most popular ways to broadcast emergency notification, according to a survey conducted last year by Campus Safety Magazine.

Behind only text messages, loudspeakers, and eMails, digital signs have become a part of colleges’ layered approach to warning students of potential emergencies.

Matthews said digital signage has become popular as an emergency notification tool because campus technology leaders can pre-program messages that can be displayed just seconds after the “switch is flipped” during an emergency.

“Pre-defined messages are important, because during a crisis, everyone is operating under major duress,” he said. “You don’t want to focus on what background colors should be there, or your grammar or wording. … The message needs to be clear and be immediate.”

DSE, which ended March 8, had 1,000 attendees—the most in the expo’s nine-year history.

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