College political leaders, social media prove to be dangerous combination

“But student leaders are just that—student leaders, and their leadership is still a work in progress. It’s not surprising that many students aren’t as mature as one might hope,” he said. “And it’s really easy to think one’s Twitter feed is blocked, but fail to anticipate that someone else might re-tweet your controversial tweet, forgetting that you’ve limited the audience on your feed.”

College Republicans weren’t aware of campus-based social media controversies outside of Texas, and some officials called into question the state’s college GOP leadership.

“This seems to be a problem in Texas more than anywhere else, and I’m not sure if that’s a result of poor leadership or if that’s the culture down there,” said Ciavola, former president of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Republicans. “The Republican party doesn’t need people like this justifying stereotypes that are not true on a large scale. It’s inexcusable and frankly, if the [Texas] chapter can’t get their act together, maybe they shouldn’t have a chapter.”

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