Students expelled after campus fight video goes viral

Dean officials said the college received calls from students who witnessed the assault shortly after the fight was taped.

Rooney said the expelled students committed clear violations of the campus’s student conduct and community standards, which say the school will “take action against students whose behavior, either on or off-campus, blemishes the College’s general image or reputation or otherwise evidences disregard for the safety, well-being or rights of others.”

“I know that we are all deeply saddened by what has transpired,” Rooney said. “Our responsibility as a community is to hold all of us responsible for our own behavior and to be certain we are behaving in a manner that is in keeping with earning the right to be a member of the Dean College community.”

In April, two public altercations involving former and current University of Maine football players were caught on camera and posted to YouTube.

The videos show student athletes shoving and yelling at others on a dance floor in a local pub. No disciplinary action was taken against students caught on tape.

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