Forget getting the most bang for your buck; think smaller. Amazon’s latest Black Friday deal has the online mega-retailer selling all non-iPhone smart phones for a cent, the Washington Post reports. Yes, it’s a gimmick in that nabbing the low-priced phones also requires a two-year contract, but the phone selection is (far and away) much better than the normal roster of the free phones that come with plans. AT&T has already advertised that it will sell some of its phones for a penny, but the Amazon deal covers all four major national carriers. The Droid RAZR, Samsung Galaxy S II (on all its networks), the Droid 3 and the HTC Amaze are just a few of the phones that start at the special price. Models of the iPhone, sadly, are not included in the sale. So if you’ve been waiting on a smart phone but couldn’t quite swallow the price of a new handset in addition to the data costs, now may be the time to act…

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