Mobile apps make college sporting venues more like home

Stanford fans can access the mobile apps through a recently installed AT&T wireless network, which is freely accessible for anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled smart phone.

“At-home entertainment is becoming so enhanced over the years that I think sports teams are looking for ways to keep the stadium experience popular,” said Kevin Carman, an education segment manager for AT&T, which helped build the app. “The viewing experience at home is so much better than it used to be, so there’s certainly some competition there.”

Crowdsourced video, showing mobile device-wielding Stanford fans a host of views from around the football stadium, could catch on with iCardinal and GameDay Live users in the nosebleed seats.

“If you’re far away from the game, you maybe want to see a different point of view of the game,” Carman said.

While Wi-Fi access has become commonplace at collegiate and professional basketball and baseball venues, wiring much larger football stadiums with reliable networks has been more difficult.

Blue said the athletic department hoped to improve the wireless access at the school’s football stadium before it made an aggressive push for students to download the Stanford GameDay Live and iCardinal apps.

“This is not like installing a new refrigerator,” he said. “It’s a difficult process.”

Pro football teams have also tried to bring the at-home viewing experience to the stadium via mobile applications.

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